Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I finally have internet where I'm living.
I'll pretend I'm really cool and have readers/followers...
Obviously my lack of internet has kept me away from the blogosphere during the most important time of the year. Thankfully, Paris fashion week still awaits. For now, I'll condense my thoughts and direct them towards one designer for this post. If I feel like it, I will come back and expand, perhaps move on to a favorite from another city.
Fittingly, my favorite, so far, has been MARNI. (Hence, Milan.) Prada was obviously brilliant... Tavi (http://tavi-thenewgirlintown.blogspot.com/) does a great review, I essentially agree with her ugly->sexy discourse. I would also like to add that the knit tights potently reminded me of, who else, but my Italian/American Italian professor from last semester. She wore these thick knit tights in terrible browns and dark oranges almost EVERY day, and while everyone else in class was constantly whispering about how horrible her ensembles were, I found them interesting.
Back to Marni.
First, there are the gloves. The accessories seem rather inflated, as if to ironize them. The last post, yes, the repeated Morocco pictures, Hanna, did the same with the headdresses, I think.
I would seriously WEAR these gloves at all times, though, unlike a turban.

Hanna... Reusch much? Amazing!

Shoes, next. I have to do some homework. Maybe later? Pace yourself. I missed too much.
Not to mention I also missed the ENTIRETY of the Olympics, and the best Olympics for the US yet, too. Gah. askdfjlskdfjsdfsd. My Dad is now calling Bode: "Buddha".

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